Face Your DUI Charges With Confidence

Face Your DUI Charges With Confidence

Hire a reputable DUI attorney in Sandy, UT

If you're facing DUI charges in the Salt Lake City & Sandy, UT area, don't hesitate to seek representation. An experienced DUI attorney from Nelson, Snuffer, Dahle & Poulsen, P.C., Attorneys At Law can help you build a strong defense against your charges. You can count on our law firm for fair, nonjudgmental representation throughout your trial.

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5 penalties you might face following a DUI conviction

Without a dependable DUI attorney by your side, you might face serious consequences that you might otherwise have avoided. In addition to getting your license suspended for varying lengths of time, you could be looking at:

1. Mandatory enrollment in drug or alcohol programs
2. Community service
3. Probation
4. House arrest or jail time
5. Stiff fines

To speak with a DUI defense attorney about the circumstances surrounding your charges, call 801-576-1400 today. We'll do everything we can to help you achieve a favorable outcome in your case.